What is The Oily Goodness?

The Oily Goodness is a space I’ve created to share my love of essential oils and give you access to personalised, BS-free information to help you on your oily journey.

It’s an online community of like-minded people where you can kick off your shoes, slip into your PJs and explore essential oils from the comfort of your own couch.

It’s a place where you can feel safe, supported, inspired and informed, and decide what works best for you. You’re in charge, baby!

My promise to you:

  • I promise to make this all about YOU. I’m a passionate advocate for living life your way, on your terms. I don’t believe in “one size fits all” in any area of life and especially not when it comes to your health, happiness and wellbeing.
  • I promise to put you in charge of your own journey. I encourage you to listen, read, learn and take on board what I share, but don’t take it as gospel! Question it, reflect on it and see how it resonates with you. Keep what you love, adapt what you need to fit your wonderful, unique self, and ditch the rest.
  • I promise you no BS and no judgement. I believe in trust, truth, transparency and making friends.  You’ll always receive an honest answer here and you can feel safe asking any and every question you might have. This is a judgment free zone and there’s no such thing as a silly question.
  • I promise zero pressure – EVER!  This is a real-talk relationship and an obligation free zone.  I believe in sharing, not selling and I focus on my community and free classes so you can fall in love with oils and choose what works best for you.
  • Want to get your hands on the oily goodness?  There are purchase options to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. If you want to earn rewards points, share the oils with friends, family and your community or even earn an income, that’s great for you!  But if that’s not your jam and you just want to enjoy these beautiful oils in your home, that’s amazing too. Whatever your oily journey, you’re more than welcome to hang here and enjoy the goodness.

If you’ve got more questions, ask me here.

If you’re keen to try out some oils at a free class with me, check out upcoming dates and reserve your seat.

If you’re like, “Sarah, I just want to buy some oils!” You can do that here.

Who is Sarah Jensen?

I wear lots of hats and proudly claim the title ‘multi-passionate’.

I love 80s and 90s music, Pana chocolate and watching movies more than once, and I have an astounding gift of remembering song lyrics and celebrity names.

I have a big laugh, a big heart and my motto is “kindness is cool”.

Most of all I love making people smile and feel good about themselves.

I’m an Award Winning Life + Business Coach for women who want to love themselves, live a happy life and do work they love.

I host Rock Your Goals goal setting workshops around Australia where I help women set and achieve beautiful, aligned and exciting goals in every area of their life.

I write articles about goal setting, business building, self-love and self-care for websites and online publications like the Huffington Post, Blog Society, Betty Means Business, Wellineux and more.

And I love sharing the amazing benefits of essential oils with pretty much anyone who’ll listen!

I love what I do and in the last couple of years I’ve gone from overweight, unhappy and working jobs I hated, to a happy, content, oil loving Sarah who’s a lot nicer to be around.

My mission is to help you design and live the life you truly want, today (not “someday”).

And the foundation for that?

Self-care that doesn’t suck!

Which includes beautiful essential oils and doing more of what you love.

I’d love to help you discover the magic of essential oils and how they can support your health, happiness and wellbeing.

So please feel welcome to contact me and we can catch up for a cuppa. Or you can come along to one of my free essential oils classes and start your oily experiment.

I’d love to meet you soon!