Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple is located on the road of Anyuan, Shanghai. It is a famous Buddhist temple at home and abroad. It was named for the two jade Buddha worshipped in the temple. Wat Haw Pha Kaew was founded in the Qing Dynasty, Guangxu eight years, that is, 1882. Following the spirit of Xuanzang in the Tang Dynasty, Master Huigen of Mount Putuo made a pilgrimage to Mount Wutai and Mount Emei. Later, from Sichuan to Tibet, and then to India, the hometown of Buddha. After the pilgrimage to the Buddha was over, the mage came back to Burma.
In Myanmar, Master Huigen received five statues of Sakyamuni Buddha carved from white jade with donations from local Buddhists and overseas Chinese. In 1899, master Magon returned to Shanghai to protect the Jade Buddha. The two jade Buddhas left by Master Hui Gen first built Maoping in the open space of Zhanghuabang near the Shanghai Songhu Railway, and then built a temple near Jiangwan Station on the outskirts of Shanghai. They were named Jade Buddha Temple. Master Hui Gen became the first abbot. Shortly afterwards, the mage of the Hui organ was silent, and his disciples were taken up by the master as the abbot. He inherited the teacher's ambition and went to Beijing to get a piece of the grand canon of Qianlong edition, which was hidden in the temple. At this point, the Wat Haw Pha Kaew Buddha, law, monks and three treasures have been established, and the jungle scale has begun to take shape.
In 1918, Master Kecheng, the fourth abbot of the Jade Buddha Temple, recruited a new site on Anyuan Road. It took him 10 years to build a new temple, which is now the place of the Jade Buddha Zen Temple. Because the monastery worshipped jade Buddha, Master Kecheng inherited the Linji sect of Zen and practiced Zen Buddhism. The new monastery was renamed "Jade Buddha Zen Temple".
Since then, the Jade Buddha Zen Temple has experienced many abbots, such as Far Earth Master, Zhenhua Master, Zhi Master, Wei Yi Master, Wei Fang Master and Zhen Zen Master. Today, under the current abbot Awakening Master, the Jade Buddha Zen Temple has been further upgraded and developed in various aspects.
As for the promotion of Buddhism, the Jade Buddha Zen Temple regularly conducts Buddhist and Buddhist training classes for Buddhists, as well as meditation projects such as scripture-copying, Buddhist practice, meditation and meditation, Zen state of mind and night, and Jade Buddha inquiry and meditation, for the believers to experience and practice. More than 30 law societies, such as the Land and Water Law Society, the Orchid Basin Society, the Huayan Law Society, and the Three Conversions, are held regularly every year, which can be used for the cultivation of good news and the accumulation of virtue and good deeds.
In terms of cultural exchanges, the Jade Buddha Zen Temple, adhering to the development concept of "building monasteries through culture and invigorating monasteries through education", has established a series of cultural institutions and platforms, such as the Sanskrit Orchestra, the Jade Buddha Zen Temple website, the Juequn College and the Painting and Calligraphy College. Regular cultural lectures such as "Group Life Forum" are held every month, as well as calligraphy, painting and other art exhibitions.
In terms of charity and public welfare, Jade Buddha Zen Monastery, adhering to the concept of awakening the great monk "awakening the masses, contributing to the community", is actively committed to social welfare charity, the creation of the Awakening Group Cultural and Educational Foundation, has been committed to the inheritance and development of China's excellent traditional culture, as well as social charity projects.
In the area of network Buddhism, under the auspices of the awakening monks, the Jade Buddha Zen Temple has set up a new media center to publish all kinds of Buddhist activities and knowledge in a timely and effective manner by means of pictures, audio and video, and to disseminate Buddhist ideas and wisdom to the public in an easy-to-understand way.

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